Ryan FFR Webinars

EJ Janik and Bryan Finley gave a complimentary 1-hour MCLE presentation on how business fraud is committed, the typical duration of various types of fraud schemes, how and by whom fraud schemes are detected and reported, what kinds of organizations are victimized and what departments pose the greatest risk for fraud, and how gender, age, and education level relate to business fraud, among other related topics.

Part 1 – includes select figures from the Report to the Nations 2020 Global Study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Member Survey based on 2,504 cases of business fraud between January 2018 and September 2019 in 125 countries.

Part 2 – a deeper look at actual case examples.

This presentation was a live online event (no recording). For more information please contact EJ or Bryan below.

Our forensic accounting and data mining expertise helps clients navigate complex financial issues in disputes, before and during litigation.

EJ Janik, CPA, CFE, CFF, CFLCPrincipal and Practice Director
EJ Janik has over 34 years of full-time forensic accounting experience, involving accounting, financial, economic, construction, fraud, and business dispute consulting services, with expert witness experience. He has over 54 trial/hearing testimonies in 8 states: (10 Federal, 21 State, 23 Arbitrations), over 86 total expert testimony matters, over 730 business dispute and consulting matters, 150 financial audits (Public Accounting), and over 11 years of engineering and construction matters. Mr. Janik works extensively with law firms and corporations in forensic accounting, litigation, electronic discovery, and data mining.
Bryan Finley, CPA, CFE, CFF
Bryan Finley, CPA, CFE, CFFDirector
Bryan Finley as more than 25 years of practice in forensic accounting, including experience as an arbitrator and expert witness. Matters addressed include financial reporting, internal controls, partnership and investor disputes, breach of contract, tort, negligence, misappropriation, bribery, conflicts of interest, whistleblower allegations, probate/trust matters, vendor fraud, buy/sell agreements, anti-fraud programs, loss of value, business interruption, and construction defects, among others.

* Ryan Fraud and Forensic Recovery is not a CPA firm and does not perform attest services.