A Word From Our Clients

Ryan Fraud and Forensic Recovery helps corporations, small businesses, and individuals with complex financial issues related to detecting, mitigating, quantifying, and recovering from fraud. We also assist attorneys whose clients need to quantify their claims and damages or defend themselves from claims made against them by others. Because of the sensitive nature of this work we do not name our clients below, but these are examples of positive feedback we have received over the years.

“Thank you so much for your incredible contributions to our project. You were the true… hero and we were all incredibly impressed with your humility, drive, focus, and obviously deliverables. We were so lucky to have had you on the team!”

“I appreciate very much your work on this matter.  With the defendant changing his story and theories constantly, I know it must have been frustrating to you to constantly have to do new analyses and calculations. I have no doubt that if you had testified that we would have been able to conclusively show that he had not suffered any damages.”

“In the never-ending search for ‘good, fast…’ accounting/fraud/damages experts, please note that I recently settled a case in which our expert’s report, along with some related discovery efforts, helped to reduce the Plaintiffs’ initial settlement offer by 85 percent. I recommend him highly.”

“Once again, we thank you for your hard work, attention to detail and responsiveness in connection with the case. I am sure that we will have the opportunity to work together again and you may rest assured that I will not hesitate to give your name to my colleagues who may need someone with your capabilities.”

“Again I want to congratulate you on what was a very positive experience and express my sincere thanks for your dedication… Your contribution was immense and appreciated.”

“I sincerely thank you for the excellent work you performed for us in preparation for settling our claims. You are undoubtedly one of the most energetic, cooperative and professional individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You immersed yourself into our project files and quickly identified and evaluated the salient financial issues we had failed to understand after many months of study. Most importantly, you were able to convey volumes of data concisely via colorful graphics. I additionally wish to commend you for the convincing oral testimony you provided during our grueling mediation. Our successful resolution is due in large part to your efforts… Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you again.”

“I write to advise that the lawsuit has settled. I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your guidance on the issues presented on the case. I enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Your good work… helped achieve the significant victory in the case.”

“As previously expressed, we appreciate your cooperation and assistance. Your efforts certainly contributed to our ultimate success. It was a real pleasure working with you, and I hope we have an opportunity to work together again.”

“We very much appreciate your efforts in this case, particularly the work over the weekend during the trial where we built everything up from scratch.”

“We want to express again our deep appreciation for your fine work on the project, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you again. Thank you for your assistance.”

“Thank you for the fine work and able assistance which you rendered to our clients in this important matter. It is our view and that of our clients that your services were most valuable and materially aided the disposition of this matter in a manner favorable to our clients.”

“Thanks for all of your hard work on this matter. Your work was clearly instrumental in achieving the settlement and would have been compelling had the matter gone to arbitration. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you, and hope that we will be able to work together again soon.”

“[A] thought provoking style has brought key information that could only have been identified by someone with [his] experience. His pleasant nature has made it a pleasure to be around him.  His independent and honest approach to this case has given me a sense of confidence that was not obvious before he came on board… Please extend my thanks to him for an outstanding job.”

“[I]t was a pleasure working with you and seeing a true professional in action. I want to thank you for that excellent work, and my only disappointment is that I did not get to see you demolish the lawyer cross-examining you. Since I am not planning on any more litigation, I guess I will never get to see it, but if someone seeks a recommendation from me, you can be certain that you will head the list of experts. Again, thanks and I look forward to our paths crossing in the future.”

“I am very happy to announce that both matters described above have settled!! …Thank you both so much for your help, we could not have done it without you!”

“Thank you for all your great work on the case! Your work was critical to getting the settlement. We and the clients are really appreciative! We look forward to working with you again.”

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your research and models. Unbelievable how you can make it all come together! We would not have had a chance without you. I’m glad I got to know you…”

“You all did a great job for us on this case… We’ve reduced the volume down, and you’ve saved us so much money. I’ll be sure to let my colleagues know about this service.”

“I continue to believe that the positions you took on the accounting issues were well supported, and that — had we proceeded to fight them at trial — we might have turned things around… Though I won’t be seeing you [on the witness stand], I did want to thank you and your staff for all the hard work, and particularly for the help you provided when I was preparing for oral argument. I enjoyed our collaboration throughout, and I really appreciate both your patience and your professionalism.”

“And again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you have done for [us]. You can certainly count me as a member of your fan club!”

“We appreciate your efforts and contributions to our defense… We look forward to working with you again.”

“[K]now that I’m very pleased with the way things turned out, and I feel like much of that is due to your efforts.”

“It was great working with you on this case. The work you did was excellent, and very helpful.”

“I’ve really enjoyed working with you, and I hope to be able to work with you again in the future.”

“Excellent demeanor [in today’s deposition]; excellent preparation. Good job.”

“Thanks for the quick work. It was very helpful.”