Forensic Data Analytics

Ryan performs forensic data mining to deliver in-depth analyses of financial data, healthcare information, and transactional and unstructured data, efficiently transforming large volumes of information from disparate sources into meaningful insight and manageable client solutions. Leveraging our proprietary Ryan eAnalytics™ software platform and methodology, Ryan provides the deepest, most accurate analysis of data in the industry.

On a prospective basis, eAnalytics™ uses high-performance database technology, sophisticated test algorithms, big data constructs, visual analytics techniques, and information procured from external public records databases to detect anomalies that have been reliably shown to indicate fraud, waste and abuse across disbursement source and entities within an organization.

Ryan’s electronic discovery experts use state-of-the-art forensic tools and data mining techniques to collect, uncover, extract, search, sort, and scrutinize massive volumes of electronic evidence.  Our electronic discovery process allows data to be analyzed accurately and efficiently, bringing critical insight and facts to surface early in the investigation.  We utilize early case assessment tools and conceptual search to reduce litigation budgets for our clients.

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