Financial Forensic Investigations

Ryan conducts corporate and public sector investigations into allegations of civil and criminal fraud. We have experience in investigating asset misappropriation, accounting irregularities, bribery, corruption, securities fraud, and regulatory investigations governed by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). We work in conjunction with our clients’ outside counsel, in investigating allegations of asset misappropriation, accounting irregularities (e.g., revenue recognition, stock option back dating), waste and abuse, bribery and corruption, securities fraud, misuse of company resources, theft of intellectual property, and other financial misconduct.

Ryan’s experienced professionals gather evidence from electronic sources and interviews to inquire about allegations of fraudulent activities, sensitive areas of fraud risk, and history of fraudulent or unethical behavior within the client’s organization. Once the investigation of the documents and transactions is complete, Ryan collaborates with the client’s legal counsel to find the best possible solutions.