Dispute Analysis and Expert Testimony

We assist our clients with a proactive approach to their control of records information management. This includes assisting with responding to litigation hold notifications and deployments, and risk assessments. Our discovery professionals help bridge the communication gap between legal counsel and the Information Technology (IT) department. We accomplish this through coordination of data with security and privacy stakeholders, including the internal audit and compliance departments, as well as inside and outside legal counsel.

We support our clients and their legal representatives with managing the complexities of the discovery process throughout litigation. For example, during the discovery phase, we provide our clients with a 120-day approach to the litigation process. This includes, but not limited to, assistance of 30(b)(6) witness designations and 26(f) conference discovery planning.

Examples of types of cases handled by our Dispute Analysis and Expert Testimony specialists include:

  • Determining the application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and quantitative analysis of a particular set of facts in the context of a dispute, such as an SEC/DOJ inquiry, class-action lawsuit, or contract litigation
  • Quantifying damages in a breach of contract, tort, intellectual property infringement, insurable loss, mass tort, or wage and hour class-action litigation
  • Analyzing potential errors in financial reports or calculations related to contractual compliance, loans, leases, financial representations and warranties, net working capital, or earn-out compensation
  • Assisting counsel to a special committee of a board of directors of a company under investigation regarding alleged management misrepresentations of financial or operational activity


Ryan Fraud and Forensic Recovery is not a CPA firm and does not perform attest services.