Disbursement Risk Analytics Services

The risk of disbursement fraud can occur in all industry sectors and company sizes. To address the growing risk of disbursement fraud, Ryan has developed a leading-edge proprietary risk based analytics methodology to tackle disbursement fraud. Our methodology is specifically designed to analyze disbursement transactions to identify processing errors, financial losses, reputational risks, and possible fraud.

Companies across the world process millions of disbursement transactions on a daily basis. Even with strong internal controls, the opportunity for errors and intentional abuse from internal and external sources is an inherent risk associated with complex and large volumes of transactions.

With our team of experienced fraud examiners and our analytics methodology, Ryan is in a unique position to help your organization identify unrecognized data quality issues, undisclosed business and personal relationships, business risks, regulatory violations, and possible fraud scenarios. We will collect and analyze entity level information from vendors, employees, and customers in conjunction with financial data from accounts payable, expense reimbursements, purchase card programs, and payroll to apply a weighted-risk score to all activity.

Our experienced team will review the results, apply the client’s business rules, and conduct additional due diligence to identify the most likely transactions related to fraud, waste, and abuse.


The benefits of Ryan’s disbursement risk analytics services include:

  • Verify vendors represent bona fide business entities
  • Identify risks with regard to financial exposure, regulatory requirements, and company reputation
  • Isolate unauthorized relationships between employees and vendors
  • Improve compliance to established policies and procedures
  • Identify unauthorized vendor-to-vendor relationships
  • Develop formal reporting process for vendor irregularities

Our commitment to excellence and utilization of sophisticated technology ensure that we’re more thorough, efficient, and effective than our competitors. We don’t simply review our clients’ disbursement transactions; we analyze and risk score100% of the vendors, invoices, and payments.

We’re focused on identifying and uncovering the root cause of operational breakdowns and process shortcomings. Supplied with this information, we provide innovative solutions and recommendations to our clients to help minimize future issues and financial losses to our clients.


Ryan’s proprietary data analytics and methodologies offer these advantages:

  • Examines 100% of transactions rather than sampling
  • Compares data from disparate applications and systems
  • Provides large, proven test bank for fraud detection, waste and abuse identification, and compliance
  • Incorporates public and commercial external data sources
  • Provides automated tests combined with unique scoring methodologies
  • Provides interactive database deliverable with visual analytics functionality

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