Building and Construction Recovery

Construction projects are often complex, involving many parties in a variety of roles, who coordinate efforts and depend on one another to complete critical functions, on schedule and within budget. Stress or failure in one part of the project can have a cascading effect, quickly leading to costly delays and budget overruns, impacting many different parties. In addition, the complexity and time-sensitive pressure of a construction project can create a situation ripe for fraud, waste, and abuse.

Ryan Fraud and Forensic Recovery, LLC helps our clients save and recover money by proving and pricing Building and Construction claims.

Our experienced forensic accountants and fraud examiners help clients find and recapture overcharges and overpayments, duplicate payments, hidden or improper payments, questionable or unsupported costs, among others. We can quantify costs or damages related to acceleration, defective plans, differing or concealed site conditions, disruption, delay, defective work, and change orders. We can work in a consulting role through settlement negotiations or mediation, and we have experience providing expert witness testimony in arbitration or litigation. We can help building and construction companies and their counsel proactively assert their construction claims, and we can help defend when construction claims are made against our clients.

Many building and construction contracts today include right-to-audit or right-to-inspect provisions. Our experience in accounting and financial forensics helps clients identify and obtain the documents and records relevant to their case, so that the claim is based on sufficient, relevant, reasonable, and reliable evidence.


For Owners, we can help recover building-related construction costs from contractors utilizing the “right-to-inspect or audit” the books and records.

For Developers and Contractors, we also inspect and audit the books and records of subcontractors, vendors, and/or suppliers.

We search for cost overcharges, duplicate payments, questionable costs, unsupported costs, among others.

Investigation, audit, and recovery can begin while construction is on-going, and being alert to potential problems early can save time and effort later on.

Recoveries can be done “after the fact,” especially where contracts require the retention of job cost records.

In certain situations, we can offer our services on a Performance Fee basis, if that best suits the needs of our Client.

Ryan Tools

For structured data Ryan’s Fraud and Forensic Recovery professionals conduct expert analysis using our proprietary Ryan eAnalytics™ software – the most advanced electronic data discovery and analysis tool in the industry today. Powerful and remarkably non-intrusive, Ryan eAnalytics™ provides the most thorough and accurate data mining and discovery analysis available anywhere.

For unstructured data, like emails, text messages, and other documents, our propriety analytic tools help clients find and develop key insights and facts more quickly and accurately than traditional eDiscovery processing methods. Our professionals can organize documents into clusters of conceptual content and filter out background noise to find the issues and information that require immediate attention.

Building and Construction Recovery Brochure

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