EJ Janik
EJ JanikPrincipal

Our forensic accounting and data mining expertise helps clients navigate claims and enhance recoveries in bankruptcy.

Forensic accountant and Ryan Fraud and Forensic Recovery Principal and Practice Leader, EJ Janik, gave a webinar presentation for 1-hour MCLE credit on best practices in various bankruptcy phases, and interactions with committees and their professionals. He discussed 12 phases of bankruptcy; a 60-item topical checklist; 45 typical documents, 10 person groups, litigation, and sample demonstratives and graphics. He also covered the application of damages and lost profits methodologies within Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 filings. (This event may be offered again at a later date, but it is not available on-demand.)

EJ Janik has over 33 years of full-time forensic accounting experience, involving accounting, financial, economic, construction, fraud, and business dispute consulting services, with expert witness experience. He has over 54 trial/hearing testimonies in 8 states: (11 Federal, 21 State, 22 Arbitrations), 86 total expert testimony matters, over 730 business dispute and consulting matters, 150 financial audits (Public Accounting), and over 11 years of engineering and construction matters. Mr. Janik works extensively with law firms and corporations in forensic accounting, litigation, electronic discovery, and data mining.